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Independent Driving in the Driving Test


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Ash, Hertford - passed first time

"Helpful...pleasant...completely reliable...I would not hesitate to recommend Pelican"

Ash, Hertford"I was very pleased to pass my test on my first attempt after just 18 weeks.  Steve's tuition was always calm and helpful, with a pleasant manner - and completely reliable.  

One of the reasons that led me to choose Pelican was their availability on weekends. Throughout my learning period, Steve seemed to know just how to word things to stress their importance and fix them in memory.  

In the weeks leading up to the test we comprehensively covered the area where the test was due to take place so he could point out any idiosyncrasies in signage and road layout.  I always felt Steve was completely engaged in my learning process and my abilities increased at a good rate throughout - I never felt any frustration with any facet of driving.  

For these reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Pelican to anyone looking to learn to drive."

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