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Hertford Driving Lesson Prices

If you're looking for cheap driving lessons and price per hour is your number one consideration then, hand on heart, we're probably not the best-fit solution for you.

On the other hand, if you want a professional service and excellent value for money, while at the same time learning how to drive safely, then we might be a good fit.  

Being able to drive safely is an essential life-skill which could one day literally save your life, the life of your child, or other road users'.

What price can you put on that?

One final thought: it's not just the hourly rate you need to look at - it's the number of hours it will take you to pass.

Statistically, you will learn to drive and pass your test more quickly with Pelican, because our pass rate is almost twice the national average.

So you can end up spending less with us than you would with a cheaper driving school.

To book a lesson or to find out more, please call me on 01992 589783.


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Please call us now on 01992 589783.


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